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  • To teach, promote, establish, encourage, use, and sustain peace in the world.

  • To improve the condition of humanity through peace by linking dedicated negotiation teams and diplomatic efforts within and across countries.

  • To save lives and enhance the well-being of individuals and nations.

  • To create a peace movement that will support future generations.


Specifically, the Initiative will:

  • Create the first fully independent structure/platform capable of conducting any type of preventive or reactive peacemaking endeavor;

  • End conflicts early before they become difficult to manage; 

  • Provide governments with effective long-term tools to prevent and resolve conflicts; 

  • Build a foundation for peace at the national, regional, and global levels; 

  • Complement legal, judicial & juridical efforts;

  • Educate people, especially youth, about peacemaking at every stage of life.

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