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Prof. Steve Alban Tineo
Founder & CEO at Assertive

CNO - Head of Response - International professional negotiator and mediation expert as well as a financial analyst and a lecturer.

​​Professor of negotiation and mediation, conflict management, leadership and peacemaking.

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Christophe Caupenne
Former RAID Commander, Head of Response Strategy 

Judicial police inspector and member of the brigade of repression of banditry for 13 years. He was one of the commanding officers of the RAID special unit for over 11 years as Head of the Crisis Management and Negotiation group.


Sonia Grimm
Social Development & Outreach 

Business development, mediation, conflict resolution & human potentials enhancement, author & lecturer.

CEO at Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Services (SSES) 

The SSES team reduces operational, strategic, project, and reputation risks through collaborative partnering and problem-solving. Specializing in megaproject partnering, construction design-build stakeholder collaboration, defense, healthcare, and tribal consultation processes.

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Aneesha Bhunjun

Head of Mediation & Legal Counsel 

International expert in mediation as well as a barrister and a practicing lawyer.

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Margareta Drzeniek  

CEO at Horizon Group

Henri Gauthier


Change management, executive coaching, consulting, career transition & management, leadership & management, strategy execution, emotional intelligence, managing yourself, virtual sales & negotiation, presentation skills, communication, emotional intelligence.

Economics, global risks, tech/innovation, data, Arab World, Europe. Insight, thought leadership, impact metrics, meetings/events, investment, future opportunities, index development, economic strategy, competitiveness, innovation, future of work, inclusive business, solutions, SDGs, and event content.

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