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Vision for Peace

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The popular “Win-Win” philosophy is clearly beneficial to stakeholders but not complex enough to address the world at large. 


When compared to traditional negotiation theories, the W3 philosophy brings an additional component: a holistic, empathetic & ethical approach to negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution for the benefit of the whole. 


A new generation of Peacemaker is needed. A new approach is required by a world plagued by inequality, insecurity, instability, hunger, strife, displacement, health emergencies, genocide, and natural disasters. 


Ending armed conflicts is necessary but not sufficient. We must also create a climate of sustainable peace. 

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Three (plus one) Pillars to Create World Peace

Peace Platform

Peace Platform

Our team of experts intervenes directly to protect the health, safety, and well-being of affected communities around the world, and to facilitate long term, sustainable peace agreements. 

Peace Agency

Peace Agency

Our team of experts brings about conflict prevention and resolution in social, commercial and/or financial settings globally.

Peace Education

& Training

Peace Education

& Training

Curricula customized for schools, universities, communities, companies, and governments, designed to instill a Global Culture of Peace. Conferences, events, media outreach, peace labelling, dialogs.

World Peace Platform

Resulting from the above, this innovative project enables the World Economic Forum to model a comprehensive framework for peace and sustainable development for the entire world. = A neutral, multifunding World Peace Platform & Peace Movement. 

The humanitarian arm

The commercial arm

The foundational arm


"“We are leading the ethical peacemaking revolution by empowering human capabilities and transforming mentalities to create positive, respectful and sustained resolutions, supporting companies, governments and individuals as they strive to reach conscious & principled agreements.”  
Steve Alban Tineo



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